A video by me… Dirt Cone

Posted on June 17, 2010

So recently a friend and I decided to go halves on a video camera, and this decision is already starting to pay dividends (sorry, no sextape scandal… yet).  First I dashed off a super quick video for a song called Dirt Cone.

It’s from my album Compositions For Fake Pianos and was filmed in an evening, not surprisingly, in Chinatown here in Ottawa.  Now, I certainly don’t mean to suggest that I’ve done something even REMOTELY like it, but I really liked the video for “Going Inside” by John Frusciante, which I saw on MTV Europe two dozen times many years ago.  It was a good time.  The video was directed by Vincent Gallo and he used this technique of just repeating the same image over and over and it looks fantastic.  I did something similar here, with far less excellent results, but you get the idea.

It was funny to go out and buy a camera with no real purpose in mind whatsoever, but I’ve always thought it best to have interesting tools ready to hand, rather than to have intricate plans first.  QED.

Wait, that’s not exactly true…  I do have one very intricate plan in mind involving the camera.  I can say no more of it here, but it will take the nation’s capital by storm one of these days.

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