Bigmouth Strikes Again

Posted on June 17, 2010

Yeah it’s a great song (I only learned recently that the lady backup singer is Morrissey sped up, for shame) but it’s also a true statement about yours truly.  For you see I was hanging around Raw Sugar Cafe, as I tend to do, when it came about that there was an upcoming concert.  Fine.  These things happen all the time.  But!  This upcoming concert was a rather thin bill – i.e. a bill of one, no opening act.  S and N were looking a little concerned.  Not desperate yet, but that would come in good time unless someone would step in to aid them in their hour of need.  Bigmouth.

“Huh.  I’ll do it.”  The voice sounded like mine.  My mouth moved in perfect synch with the words.  A strange sensation.

And sure enough, it was me!  Woops.  I had no real idea of what I was committing myself to, save that I’d recently acquired some new electronic toys and wanted an excuse to mess around with them.  So booked I was.  I did a lot of preparation, in my mind.  I thought about what I would do extensively.  I made lists.  I visualized leaving the stadium on the shoulders of linemen after scoring the game winning touchdown.  The only problem:  I didn’t actually practice anything, so the show would be a battleground in the ages old debate.

Abstract concepts vs. Preparation and ability

Care to guess who won?

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