Back to work

Posted on June 21, 2010

So this past friday Andy (bearing pizza) and Brian turned up and we got back to what we do best:  making weird albums!  Ladies and gentlemen, the good news is we’re up to something exciting, having started a fresh new record that will surely satisfy.  Read about it on the TEMOS blog, if you like.  Looking back it is rather pleasing that we’ve managed to churn out three – in my opinion – highly interesting records over the past few years through entirely intermittent work.  I’m hoping we can get this one done by the end of the year, but we’ll see.  We don’t want to rush things, of course.  We’ve not formulated any plans for any more live performances, but perhaps if there were some massive outpouring of public demand we might consider it.  Maybe.

Getting back into the studio with the fellows and putting on an electronics expo at Raw Sugar the other day have spurred me to consider putting together a brief series of articles on various recording / synthesis techniques.  It won’t be a comprehensive guide (many references to be found elsewhere online) but rather a look at some specific, interesting things one can do with music equipment, that might be of interest to everyone, rather than just those making records.  If you’ve any questions you should ask them, and I will cook up some at-least-partially-true answers.

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