Canada Day in Ottawa

Posted on July 1, 2010

Today is Canada Day, and there is no finer place to be for Canada Day than our nation’s capital.  Something like 100,000 people get off of their chesterfields and flock from kilometres around to congregate on Rideau and Wellington Streets and other areas, and they get up to good and no good in equal measures.  Bands that you can’t believe still exist play free concerts in Major’s Hill park – the archetypal bill would be The Northern Pikes, 54-40, The Pursuit of Happiness, and BTO.  People make obscene sums selling bottled water.  The Snowbirds will fly by at an altitude such that no one can see them for more than four  seconds.  At some point the main stage will feature a jam session of francophone stars that no one in the crowd has ever heard of, and every anglo there will look at each other searchingly, wondering “what is going on?  what happened?” until Trooper shows up.  There will inevitably be some absolutely excruciating laser / picture show extolling the virtues of Canadiana:

  1. Diversity (montage of random people)
  2. Forests (montage of various diverse people camping)
  3. Children (montage of diverse children)
  4. Unique spelling and pronunciation (get ooot!)
  5. Not being American (some hoser standing in front of a flag)

Meanwhile, as this list unfolds, at least half of the people in the crowd will be waiting anxiously for “Beer” to show up on the list, so they can whoop wildly.  They are perennially disappointed.  Then the fireworks will blast off and everyone will cheer as things explode in the sky, without knowing why they love it so much.

This year,  however, will be a little bit different.  Not profoundly, perhaps, but there will be a wrinkle.  You see, remember that package I was telling you about?  Well…  it arrived.  And the contents are even better than I thought.  They will be put to good use.

Every good loyalist is thinking of this flag today.


And today don’t forget about the glorious Red Ensign; our current flag is good, no complaints, but…  this one has such gravitas.  I love it.  The four symbols are highly politically incorrect these days, of course, but nonetheless, it’s a fine flag.

NOTE – wordpress spellcheck identified the following spelling mistakes:  hoser, chesterfield, anglo, snowbirds, BTO, and Canadiana.  Pshaw!

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