Bowsprit, the video – but not by me!

Posted on July 5, 2010

Friends, I have long been utterly opposed to the ridiculous notion of non-commercial copyright protection.  Granted, I don’t have an empire at stake, nor an empty belly, but nonetheless I have never once wasted even a second fretting over the unauthorized fate of my creative works.  Quite the opposite, I have long hoped that the things I make would find comfortable homes, either enjoyed or (far better yet!) utilized by someone else.  Well, isn’t the internet great?  Sure it is.  For you see, out of the ether comes an excellent video for (or if not for, then certainly featuring) my song Bowsprit, but I didn’t even have to lift a finger to bring it into being.  Nope, that would be the work of my pal David Yip, who surprised me today with this little gem:

It’s a simple concept, surely, but boy does it ever come off well.  This footage was taken during a drive last week or so, from Toronto to Ottawa, during an unrelenting rain.  As the story goes he and his travelling companion were listening to my album, and soaking in the atmosphere.  That is, of course, until his companion noted that the combination of inclement weather and down tempo electronic music was making her want to slit her wrists.  There’s no predicting people…  Well David set out to recapture this ghostly mood, and from where I sit he has succeeded in spades.  I think it’s gorgeous.

I love how the zoomed in shots are constantly interrupted by the windshield wipers, but the wipers are so fast that you can’t really make them out; instead it simply looks like randomly modulating distortion on the lens.  Nice.  Mr. Yip is a big fan of abstract lights of all sorts, and I for one am interested in exactly where this pursuit will lead him.  I think he thinks that it may go nowhere at all, but he is most certainly wrong.  I’ve also seen some footage he’s taken of driving around the countryside, from a motorcycle helmet cam.  Hopefully he will post it for us all to enjoy!

And a note:  I am more than happy to make custom tracks for video projects of all sorts.  And oh doctor do I work cheap (think:  baking).  Contact me, if you wish, and you’ll be shocked to learn that no, I’m really not kidding.

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