New Constellations record allllllmost done

Posted on August 25, 2010

Hi folks.  I’ve been spending a good lot of time going through my voluminous archives, finishing things previously left undone, and recording some new stuff.  The results are this:  I have a new Constellations record almost done, AND Electronic Works II is pretty damned close too.  Not bad, eh?  I should take more vacations.  I have been working on the cover art this afternoon, and I’m soo tickled with the photograph I selected that I figured I’d post it, so that you might be tickled too.  It’s a picture I took outside of Kingston, maybe last fall…  or was it two falls ago?  I can’t remember…

Trees I'd Known My Entire Life, I Couldn't Recognize Them

Nothing arresting, certainly (the next album will make up for this by featuring an actual photograph of a centaur actually killing a warlock), but it’s kind of nice, no?

As the caption says, the album is called Trees I’d Known My Entire Life, I Couldn’t Recognize Them.  I’m especially happy about this title.  What does it mean?  Where does it come from?  Well, I read an account a while ago of a tornado which tore through a small town in the American South, or was it a freak occurence in Southwestern Ontario?  Maybe, I can’t remember.  They interviewed a local fellow about the affair, and that was his comment.  So far as I recall no one was injured, so don’t worry:  it wasn’t in poor taste for him to lament the trees.  I wish I knew who he was (I should have written it down) so I could send him a prize for his excellent efforts.  Well anonymous poet, thanks.

I should also add that, if the public demands it, I will consider posting a special sneak preview song that you can download and gossip about with your friends.  Barring that, though, it shouldn’t be too long before the whole thing is finished and you can buy it or steal it or whatever you prefer.

Editor’s note:  it was a tornado in Greensburg, Kansas, in 2007.

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