New song for your enjoyment: Bad Luck; An Electrical Pulse

Posted on August 30, 2010

In the interest of getting some sleep I am attempting to quell the din of my adoring fans by offering up a free, exclusive, world premiere song from my upcoming new album (see below).  To do this sort of exclusive release correctly I would need at least two butlers passing around small appetizers (preferably endangered species) and numerous high priced “models” making everyone feel at ease.  Alas, in lieu of these things you’ll have to settle for this…

Bad Luck; An Electrical Pulse.  Ka-blam!  I recorded this one over the course of the last couple of weeks and I’m quite happy with it.  Listen here:

Bad Luck; An Electrical Pulse

Is it representative of the direction of this new album?  Uhhhh…  maybe.  I lack any useful insight on these matters, as I’m too close to it all, but I think the new record songs kind of like this.  Humorously, I was going to say that this song follows a more standard sort of rock structure / style than my typical stuff, but then I listened to it.  I guess this is what I think a standard rock structure looks like, but really it’s not very close.  Comment with any questions or comments you may have, and feel free to share with whomever you like.  Enjoy!

Technical Notes

You’ll note a change in time signature – why should Rush have all the fun?  About halfway through or so it switches from 4/4 to 5/4 timing.  Yup.  See if you can notice it, it’s very exciting!

For the nerds…  the guitar is a Gibson SG with Seymour Duncan antiquity pickups, played through my trusty Carr Mercury.  Drums:  Reason.  Keys:  Polyevolver.

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