Baby Pants Update

Posted on September 7, 2010

I was so charmed by the Waterproof Baby Pants that I went back the next day to buy the whole lot of them.  I figured I could snap up the collection for maybe five bucks, and I was worried that they’d find their way into the trash if I didn’t get there quickly.  And sure enough, when I arrived they were…  gone.


The fellow working told me that the owners had taken them to their home, but that he’d see that they brought them back if I was interested.  I said oh yes, yes please, do so.  And then the next day I returned.

Aside:  why did I want a dozen pairs of Baby Pants?  I honestly don’t know.  I have a disorder which compels me to collect strange things like this.  To whit:  I once bought fifty apple crate labels, and I couldn’t have been happier.  They’ve been sitting around for years, and I still haven’t done a damned thing with them, but oh believe me I’m tickled pink to have them, and I have big plans.  I imagined sending Baby Pants to all of my friends, some kind of sick Santa Claus that no one actually likes.

And there were the Baby Pants.  Ten pairs.  Sizes medium and extra large, in case I had a husky one on my hands.  Good.  And they actually wanted two bucks a pair for the lot of them!  ?!?  Twenty bucks?  I said:  “What?  You guys will never sell these!”

“Well, you’ll have to ask him” pointing to another guy who works there “it’s his mom.”  The guy looks sheepish and doesn’t really say much, it’s clear that his mom hasn’t given him a mandate to negotiate and he’s paralysed.  So truly, between the two of them they wouldn’t come down a cent, so I walked away from the deal.  The one fellow mentioned that there was a new baby (aren’t babies always new?  yes they are) in the family and that they could use them.


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