It’s Alive!

Posted on September 7, 2010

I have had a very busy day, and have at last finished my latest album:  Trees I’d Known My Entire Life, I Couldn’t Recognize Them.  Well, the music at least.  The packaging won’t be far behind, don’t worry.  This will be my first Constellations release since last autumn’s Night Terrors, so it’s been a little while, and I hope the wait was worth it.  This one is pretty guitar and bass heavy (really bass heavy in spots, oh hell yeah), and has some pretty rock and roll moments.  The songs  are kind of strange, but you’ll see…

Here are some snippets from the lyrics, to get you pumped up.

Thought about you from a prison cell, sad I’d left my work undone. Change it up, edit it, it’s too literal for this magazine. Okay, Ghost of Christmas Past, I get the message.  Some fireworks went off indoors, uh oh, there goes the show. Jumped out from a moving car just to get away from my past.  Will we still persist, with no know-how in animal husbandry?

I might just be a truly terrible lyricist, it’s funny to write them out and see them as though they are little poems.  Let it be known that I never write lyrics in advance, and I often write them backwards – i.e. I’ll write and sing the end of the song and work toward the start.  Why, I have no idea.

I hope to have the whole thing completed and available for purchase by next weekend, so send me a message (and some money) and I’ll send you a copy.  It will also be on iTunes one of these days – more on that hilarious subject later.

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