More Adventures in Bizarre Packaging

Posted on September 14, 2010

From Baby Pants to…  Baby Carrots!  Thanks to my experience at Mike’s I’ve had an eye out for more weird packaging (and, in fact, I’ve got a beauty for you later!).  It’s easy to lament our modern age and say “oh, they don’t make crazy packing like they used to” and maybe that’s true.  Maybe.  But if you look a little harder you might find some gems right in front of your face.  For example: I have had an empty bag of baby carrots on my desk at work, right beside my monitor for weeks.  Literally.  But only recently did I take it in in its full glory.  This particular brand of baby carrots is called “Bunny-Luv”.  Okay.  Now ask yourself…

Bunny loving? What?

…why is a lovestruck rabbit prostitute wearing a leotard and brandishing a highly phallic prop selling carrots?  Why?

They say sex can sell anything, but really…  baby carrots?  Who is getting aroused in the produce department at the sight of this freaky thing?  I actually find this little drawing to be quite frightening, as rabbits aren’t at all cute when anthropomorphized.  In fact they’re the exact opposite of cute.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this gallery of horrors…

Serial murderer Terry David Pinter. Recovered from his collection after his arrest.

Brian Hernandez, a virgin.

The ass cheeks that sold a million cars and launched two crippling fetishes.

QED:  rabbits are freaky.

Bonus:  “baby” carrots are not babies at all.  No!!  They are shaved!  Notice that the Bunny-Luv bag says “peeled” carrots, a sly nod to the fact that the carrots are regular sized carrots that are whittled down to bite-sized proportions.  By the time this post went to press I was unable to confirm whether or not veal comes from a regular cow shaved down to look like a calf.  Updates as I receive them…

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