Inselberg video

Posted on September 21, 2010

Hello again folks.  So I finally got a computer that is capable of editing videos, which means that I can actually avail myself of my video camera.  Imagine that!  My first little project was a quick video for my song Inselberg, from my album Compositions For Fake Pianos.  I sort of synched up some of the cuts to match the music, with some success.  A useful little learning experiment; hopefully you’ll enjoy!  Best enjoyed when viewed in fullscreen.

Also, it appears that writing blog entries at three o’clock in the morning is a bad idea, since I mangled the title of the song.  Epic fail.  I thought it was Kame Delta.  It’s not.  It’s Inselberg.  Remembering the names of songs with no lyrics is hard, especially when you crank out as many as I do.  Woooops.  Please excuse me.

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