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Barkley Pollock – we’ll get ’em next time

October 28, 2010


Election day.  An electricity in the air.  Scrutineers shuffling madly between polls.  Candidates huddled in sparse hotel rooms.  Crowds of people in banquet halls, waiting expectantly for their man to appear, accepting congratulations.  I love elections, and the attendant excitement.  For some reason, call it naiveté, I continually delude myself into thinking that some wild […]

Red Scare!

October 21, 2010


Today on my way home something awesome happened.  So awesome that I had to race across the street and get my camera ready.  Well…  words fail me.  Just watch the video. I have no idea who this cat is, nor what he’s up to.  I think the footage speaks for itself.

Out on the town

October 20, 2010


I have recently both recovered from a very minor surgery and acquired a new toy:  my very first cellular phone, featuring a camera.  I thus opted to make use of my self and my new toy by going for a stroll this evening and taking a few snapshots.  Here are some things I have catalogued […]

Barkley Pollock Somerset Super Hero

October 12, 2010


It’s municipal election season in our fair province, and the capital is abuzz with The Big Issues:  light rail, property taxes, urbanization, and so on.  There are election signs all over the place, espousing the merits of this or that candidate. Question:  what on earth could possibly distinguish between any of the candidates for School […]

Reference to things interesting

October 9, 2010

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Greetings!  In addition to recounting my various antics and so on I have decided to include here, on a random basis, links to things I’ve read on the Internet that I find interesting.  Here’s the first edition.  I will include a link and then a description of what it is / why I think it […]

Feel the power of THOR (Harris)

October 7, 2010


This past week I journeyed to Montreal to hit up a rock and roll show.   Something mellow and cute and lovely? HELL NO.   I went to see Swans, a band fueled almost exclusively by pain and misanthropy.   I should stipulate here that I’m not exactly the world’s biggest Swans fan, but I […]

Ask and you shall receive

October 6, 2010


…provided that what you ask for is really, really easy to do. Let this be a lesson to all you readers who think “if only he would…” well, as Morrissey once said:  ask me, ask me, ask me.  Even if you aren’t a buck-toothed girl. Latta Modern Hand Avec.  Have fun.