Barkley Pollock Somerset Super Hero

Posted on October 12, 2010

It’s municipal election season in our fair province, and the capital is abuzz with The Big Issues:  light rail, property taxes, urbanization, and so on.  There are election signs all over the place, espousing the merits of this or that candidate.

Question:  what on earth could possibly distinguish between any of the candidates for School Board Trustee?  Honestly.

If you stroll down Somerset Street you’ll notice signs for mayor, signs for prospective councillors, etc.  However, if you pay close attention you’ll notice one particular sign which most certainly stands out from the rest.  It is orange, with blue lettering, and says only:

Barkley Pollock

Vote Somerset Super Hero!

Who is this mysterious candidate with the absolutely fantastic name?  Combing through the Internets reveals a few interesting notes.  A MySpace page which includes this statement: I was murdered by the authorities and it was covered up and it could happen to you.  An excerpt of his shoddily put together campaign flyer, including this addendum:  If not convinced I have a small booklet on my political philosophy with an occult story at cost.


Barkley Pollock - in possession of the world's strongest mental acumen


Mr. David Reevely posts here about Pollock, and comes tantalizingly close but ultimately misses the point completely.  His article is titled “Why not everybody gets equal time” but ultimately comes off as “Why not everybody should get equal time”.  This is an error.  Pollock might be a little different, but every now and again any staid and respectable system requires some disruption.  Not the sort of disruption that comes from electing some black clad, patched coat, posing anarchist / activist.  No, no, no…  I’m talking about the chaos of inserting someone completely at odds with everything into the guts of the political machine just for the sake of it.  Just to see what happens.  Just because.  Coyote, Loki, Brer Rabbit, Puck.  There’s something to these gods and characters.  There’s something elemental and human about the inexplicable need to mess with things for no reason other than the simple desire to do so.

My brother mentioned that he’d taken in the most recent Somerset Ward debate on Rogers TV, and that Pollock’s performance was rather memorable, particularly his summation.  So I tracked it down, filmed it, edited it into a campaign commercial, and uploaded it to the tubes.  Here, then, for your enjoyment and education is the inimitable Barkley Pollock.  Watch the video, really, and at least admire his courage, whatever else you think of him.  And don’t forget to vote.

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