Barkley Pollock – we’ll get ’em next time

Posted on October 28, 2010

Election day.  An electricity in the air.  Scrutineers shuffling madly between polls.  Candidates huddled in sparse hotel rooms.  Crowds of people in banquet halls, waiting expectantly for their man to appear, accepting congratulations.  I love elections, and the attendant excitement.  For some reason, call it naiveté, I continually delude myself into thinking that some wild long shot candidate will somehow pull off a stunning victory and blow everyone’s minds.  I guess that’s a good lot of the appeal of elections for me, the possibility, however remote, that the underdog will triumph.  I admit it:  I’m a sucker for the underdog.

This past Monday voters from across the great province of Ontario filed into gyms, pools, community centres, and the like to cast their ballots and affect the course of their communities.  I was out and about, and without TV, and spent most of the evening getting text updates from my friend on the fate of one candidate in particular:  my main man, B. Pollock.  Roaming around the grocery store my correspondent teased me with the impossible:  “Barkley is at 16%”.  What?!?!  Incredible!  Unthinkable!

Alas, this was indeed erroneous.  Sobbing.  But, don’t fret, friends!  No, no, because as it turned out Barkley Pollock did extremely well.  Consider this:  when running for mayor in 2006 Barkley pulled in 432 votes, representing 0.14% of ballots cast.  That’s not good.

But!  This time, running for council only in Somerset Ward, he pulled in 329 votes, for 3.48%.  Hell yes!  That is a monstrous improvement, and I hope that this blog can take a small bit of the credit.  I can certainly take credit for one of those votes.  Check it out:

Exercising my democratic rights

You can see from the above picture that I still couldn’t make up my mind about school board trustee.  Hmm…  it’s a tough call.  Who to vote for?  Oh wait, I know!

Exercising my democratic rights, to the MAX!

Next election we’re putting him over the top, for real.