Cripples! And creeps…

Posted on November 1, 2010

Here is a great cover, for the very exciting book entitled Proceedings of the 8th World Congress of the International Society For The Welfare of Cripples.  That’s right.  And somehow it runs to over 200 pages!!  I haven’t read it yet, you can be sure that I will soon, in its entirety, but damn.  How about this design?  They don’t make ’em like this anymore, truly.

Rehabilitation and world peace? Yeah right. They're building an army, just look at them. Never trust a cripple.

And here is something weird…  Today I went into a grocery store in Chinatown and bought a semi-mouldy pumpkin.  Yum!  It only cost two bucks so I got my money’s worth.  On my way out the door I stopped to adjust my grip on the pumpkin (trying to avoid touching the large soft and discoloured spot) and noticed a single, faded polaroid tacked purposefully to the wall.  There was no text to explain, nor anything else around it to even remotely contextualize the picture of this creepy old lady (or is it a dude? I don’t know!).

A warning to elderly cross-dressing shoplifters, perhaps?

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