I Am A Criminal; Sidewalk Art

Posted on December 12, 2010

First off, apologies to my legion of fans for the dearth of updates lately.  I’ve been rather busy lately and thus haven’t had time sufficient to write up new articles.  For shame.  But over that fallow period I’ve collected a few interesting things which will eventually find their way here.  Let’s start with today’s offering:  a dream at last fulfilled.

I have lived in cities and suburbs for almost all of my life, and so have observed countless instances of things scrawled into concrete and frozen for posterity.  A small corner of my brain has been devoted to finding a swatch of freshly poured of my very own, so that I can participate in this important ritual.  And?  Nothing!  For years!  Until a couple of weeks ago when my streak of bad luck was finally broken on Somerset Street.  I elected to send a message of love to man and animal alike.

urban blight

Fox. Man. Live in peace.

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