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Don’t Give Me A Ring…

January 25, 2011


Greetings all!  Recently my big mouth got me in deep yet again.  I was chilling with some friends and the subject of ringtones came up.  I started boasting about my custom ringtone service, and talked my way into making yet another tone, for yet more baked goods.  The parameters were as follows:  pop-ish, danceable, upbeat, […]

Fear the Ultimate Warrior

January 19, 2011


I was floating around Deadspin the other day (effectively Jezebel or Gawker, but for sports) and noticed a curious feature:  Dead Wrestler of the Week.  How could my 11 year old self (trapped somewhere inside me) resist?  So I read a very excellent article about Ravishing Rick Rude.  Check it out.  Did you know he […]

The Horror

January 6, 2011


In highschool my friends and I enjoyed watching movies (how rare!).  For a time I hosted a movie night in my suburban basement; I charged a dollar and screened “weird” movies.  Sometimes girls came.  It was great.  Later on I would find myself in a basement watching horror movies, and I watched them only to […]

Christmas 2010 – part two

January 6, 2011


Over the Christmas holidays my family visited a little walking trail within the city.  We fed some chickadees and met a fat squirrel.  The outing degenerated when my dad and I had a bread fight (he eventually used the heel of a loaf of french bread as bread knuckles with which to punch me; no […]

Happy New Year deceived browsers

January 5, 2011


2011 is upon us, and this tends to be a contemplative time, where we reflect on the year now passed and what it hath wrought.  Wordpress assisted me in the matter by sending me a summary of usage statistics for this very blog.  Most of it:  pretty boring.  However, there is one funny bit…  the […]