Christmas 2010 – part two

Posted on January 6, 2011

Over the Christmas holidays my family visited a little walking trail within the city.  We fed some chickadees and met a fat squirrel.  The outing degenerated when my dad and I had a bread fight (he eventually used the heel of a loaf of french bread as bread knuckles with which to punch me; no fair).  Enjoy!

The music is the song A Tamed Elk, from Compositions For Fake Pianos.

And furthermore…  I have a terrible addiction:  weird old Christmas decorations, preferably those which light up.  I happened by the wonderful Boutique Lou Lou over in Gatineau and picked up a lovely Frosty.  Little did I know that it was possessed by The Devil.  Holy crap!  Imagine waking up on Christmas morning to this terrifying face!

Have a holly jolly Christmas, overflowing with dread and terror. If you've been naughty Frosty will sneak into your house and kill you with his broom.

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