Ape mania!

Posted on February 6, 2011

Recently this humble blog has seen a slight uptick in visitors.  Not a huge change, mind you, but still a noticeable increase.  I checked out the stats, pleased with myself, only to find that almost all of the new visits were related to one thing…

Orangutans!!  Remember way back when?  My very first post on Umi the scary ape baby?  Well it would appear that somehow that post is being fed up as a search result for fans of baby apes.  Don’t believe me?  Here are all of the terms people have searched to get to my blog in the last week.  I’ve helpfully highlighted ape-related terms.

Ape mania runs wild on you!

Apparently Umi is picking up some steam.  Well done, humanity.  Seeing these stats I knew that it was only a matter of time before some ape fan showed up here, read my article, and got righteous.  How could I disrespect Umi like that?  Sure enough, the inevitable was inevitable.  Today I got the following comment from someone named Eden, whose IP is in the UK.

ive got the second one i realy look after it like a realy baby i ahd her for christmas 2 years ago it was a delight to see and everyone she is not pretrifing i know her haire is wild lol xx

Dear Eden, thank you for visiting, and I am sorry for being so mean to your toy.  I hope you are a child, and not a maniac who thinks that Umi is alive.  Please send me a picture of your Umi looking less scary than the ones I have, and I will take back all of my slanders.

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