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More compelling evidence that a life of crime is a very bad idea

June 19, 2011


Not many people can say that their parents met in prison.  I can.  Sort of.  Okay, they met in the employ of Canada’s federal prison system, but still.  My dad worked as a guard and parole officer, and my mom was a parole officer and a warden.  That’s right: my mom was a prison warden. […]

Gosling attack

June 15, 2011


On my way to work one fine morn I came upon a gaggle of goslings and couldn’t help but film their fuzzy comings and goings. Note the epic gosling yoga being performed at 0:33.  Hard to catch, but worth the scrutinizing. The soundtrack is Delayed Sleep Phase by… me!

Layin’ pipe. All night long.

June 13, 2011


Those familiar with being alive will be unsurprised to hear espoused the view that the lyrics of popular songs… suck.  Great.  And the sky is blue and pandas are cool and so on; tell us something we don’t know, mister blogger.  Very well.  I am not here to dwell on this general phenomenon, and in […]

Ladies take note: your greatest worries are no more

June 6, 2011


Those who know me even a little, and those who have visited my lair will confirm for you a true fact: I collect a lot of obscure junk.  If you collect junk hard enough you will eventually become known amongst your various associates as being a collector of junk, and slowly but surely they will […]

Great finds at the midnight garage sale and beyond

June 6, 2011


Welcome back.  Recently I have made some acquisitions which I think you, good readers, might find intriguing.  First off is the discovery of yet another strange feature of life here in Ottawa’s Chinatown.  I was out for a stroll with some friends after a dinner out.  It was about ten thirty and the air was […]