Tour d’Ephemera

Posted on July 12, 2011

Hello again loyal followers.  My last post was a rather lengthy 5,000 words or so.  I know the internet has rotted some of your attention spans, so today I’m going with pictures.  Lots of them!  As you may have heard, I moved recently.  This means that I get to rummage through all of my many and varied possessions and discover weird things that I forgot I owned.  So I’ve decided to give you a peek at some of the things I find.  For the full Latta Museum experience you will have to come over and see for yourself.  Bring snacks or something, please.

Confidential to Babypants:  this is sort of for you (and yes I’ll post more from that crazy advice book when I find it again).  Here we go!  Today’s images come from a copy of Life magazine, from 1955.  Why can’t things look like this anymore?  It bums me out.

Psychological fact! And: what the hell is Gene Nelson doing?

The sexiest turkey serving in the history of planet earth. Yeah that's right. I like turkey, a lot.

Uh oh.

This one deserves some special deconstruction.  First, Super Anahist brings a “healthy red glow to the skin”.  Sure…  The rash means it’s working!  Second, I like that your lungs are filled with weird gasses after use.  Healthy.  Third, it’s nice that they found something for ex-Nazi researchers and medical staff to do after the war.  Good job, Marshall Plan.

I would abandon my bike in an instant for this quasi-batmobile. That chick with the turkey would totally dig it.

In case cars didn't have enough phallic appeal for dudes. Note the amazing little line drawing of a car. Damn!

Who knew that Chef Boy-Ar-Dee invented KFC's Famous Bowls? Respect.

Chef Boy-Ar-Dee!  Representing way back in the 50s, peddling some very nice looking meatballs.  The real Chef B. was a hardworking Italian immigrant who was tragically murdered by gangsters running a protection racket.  The Chef wouldn’t pay.  His legacy lives on, in meat.

The Wicked Queen and her awesome TV.

Feel that nice remote control.  Pass that over here honey, we’re watching Gunsmoke tonight, damnit.  I don’t care if your sister is coming over to visit.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane (if you’re 80, otherwise it’s a trip down photograph lane I guess).

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