Old visual art

Posted on August 9, 2011

Over a year ago the legendary Ottawa band Touching Earth Made of Steel played their first and only live show at Raw Sugar.  Mea culpa:  I’m in the band, so my telling you that it was the best show of the year should be deemed only slightly suspect.  Either way, I made a poster for the show, which I recently rediscovered.  In typical fashion I think I put up one copy of it.  The usual dizzying, self-aggrandizing promotional blitz.  Its ineffective deployment notwithstanding, I am happy with it, and here present to you…

Fateful car ride

On either side of the middle line is a diary entry of the relevant character.  I think it works.  It’s subtle, and doesn’t really work as a poster, per se.  So be it.  For those who were there and have a copy of the amazing “Occupational Hazards” this poster is an illustration of one of the songs; try to guess which one!  Fun!

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