An Algonquin Park Postcard

Posted on August 25, 2011

Here’s another something from the archives.  As a promo for Touching Earth Made of Steel’s amazing The Carl Wilson Lake Mystery – which is a full-length concept album about a couple who disappeared in Algonquin Park in the the 70s – I made some promotional material.  The highlight is this postcard, which I think the Park should actually sell.  It looks crappily from the 80s on purpose.

The foreboding north woods beckons

In truth, of course, the Park isn’t really dangerous at all.  But it makes it much more exciting to imagine it as such. Tom Thomson murdered!  Bear attacks!  Wendigo hauntings! And so on.  NOTE:  this is a functioning postcard, with a back and everything, so if you’d like to do a print run just let me know and I’ll give you the file.

Special bonus photo!  Tom Thomson himself, looking cool as hell, going fishing.  Ladies: lie to my face and tell me he doesn’t set your heart aflame.  Fellows: blaspheme and say you aren’t jealous.

Man. Myth. Legend.

When I was young I thought that Tom and the Group of Seven were the worst possible art and artists of all time.  Pssh!  It’s just a picture of a stupid tree, who cares?  Give me something conceptual and iconoclastic.  I desperately wanted the Group of Seven to be something to rebel against.  Take that mom and dad!  Dada had the impressionists; Nirvana had Guns n’ Roses; the Visigoths had Rome.  However, a few years have taught me that those guys were pretty damned good, and that I like trees more than can be naturally explained.

Double bonus:

Yellow Sunset, Tom Thomson, 1916

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