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Pimp My Ride Meets Dungeons & Dragons

September 30, 2011


Today in a parking lot in Gatineau Quebec I noticed a curiously painted little smart car.  At first I thought it was just a strange pattern, but on closer inspection my head exploded.  Who the HELL is driving around in this thing?  A major, major player on the Wizard scene, that’s who.  Take a look […]

St. John’s whirlwind tour

September 25, 2011


This past week business interests found me whisked away to St. John’s Newfoundland.  The trip was primarily unremarkable (no scandals, no treasures recovered, no feral children discovered), however there are a few things worth sharing, that I will dutifully share. My pals Paul & Steve – native Newfoundlanders both – have long extolled the merits […]

Triumphal Arches – Romance Languages is now available!

September 17, 2011


As mentioned in a previous entry, my latest album is at last complete.  It’s called Romance Languages and I’m more than a little happy with it.  Actually, let’s just take a moment to dispense with false modesty and humility…  I think it’s great!  I hope you give it a listen, and I hope you like […]

New Album!

September 14, 2011

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I have completed a new collection of tunes.  Yes!  As mentioned in a previous entry, I have been barred from using my old name, The Constellations, so here is the world debut of my new and improved fake band name.  And here is the cover art for the new album.  Whoa! It’s by Triumphal Arches […]

The Constellations are Dead. Rest In Peace. And A New Album? But how?

September 12, 2011


It was 2001 or so and I had been recording a whole lot of music, what a surprise.  I was fixing to release a thing or two, but I needed a name.  Bad.  It’s a strange phenomenon, in fact, this rock and rolling naming business.  Technology is such that a single person (like, say, me) […]

An early music video – Part Two: Now I Feel Watched

September 11, 2011


Today closes out our two part feature on old music videos.  This time we have a video for the tune Now I Feel Watched from the eponymous EP.  NIFW was the second of my epic 13 EP Singles Project, which started way back in 2004.  For those not in the know, I once sold subscriptions […]

An early music video – Part One: She’s Too Dead

September 10, 2011


This weekend I have a special two part series for my devoted readers: two old videos I made.  Both of them are as incompetent as they are funny, and I have a feeling you’ll like them.  Let’s get to it! Okay, first up we have a ridiculous song and video called She’s Too Dead which I […]