Office notes

Posted on September 5, 2011

Like a goodly portion of the cube-bound residents of Ottawa, I work in an office.  For now at least.  Just wait until my trap lines start paying off…  Anyways, most offices feature a kitchen, which is really just a super fertile breeding ground for passive aggressive notes.  It is the preferred habitat of the passive aggressive note.  It is the ideal ecosystem.  There are always filthy dishes, stinking tupperware containers, and other junk lying around to rankle the mind of the poor saps who have made it their mission not only to keep things tidy, sure, but to also make everyone else feel guilty about not joining the crusade.

Just imagine for a minute that were that person (maybe you are!)…  It must be exhausting to stalk the floor, your brain aflame with suspicion.  Because of course you never SEE the person leaving plum-sauce coated plate in the sink.  You never SEE someone steal your milk.  It just happens.  Everyone is a suspect.  No one is innocent.  I bet they sometimes find it hard to concentrate during meetings and such, as they scan the faces of their colleagues for any trace of guilt.

Someone in my office got fed up recently, again, and posted a desperate sign to exhort us all to change our wicked ways.  They were obviously extra desperate, as they highlighted the most important sections.  I improved it.  Enjoy.

Office cleanliness is not a joke!

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