Asleep & Awake – Part 1 of 5

Posted on September 7, 2011

This week is an absolute blow out here at Jeremy Latta et cetera!  I’m going through archives and finishing up all kinds of projects, many of which will be posted here.  Without further ado…

Here is a little mini comic I made called Asleep & Awake.  I must have drawn it five disgraceful years ago.  Ridiculous.  In the intervening time I have been painstakingly scanning, editing, colouring, and formatting it.  And it took me forever!  I don’t even know why, because it’s really not that much work.

So it’s a simple little monster story in five parts.  Here is the first part.  Come back every day for the next five days for the other ones!  Now maybe it’s not exactly profound, and it certainly wasn’t worth a five year wait, but it was a fun little experiment for me, and you might get a chuckle out of it.  And if you’re thinking that I was maybe just a little tiny bit influenced by the Norwegian über genius Jason, you are correct.  I hope you like it!

Check out part two here.

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