An early music video – Part One: She’s Too Dead

Posted on September 10, 2011

This weekend I have a special two part series for my devoted readers: two old videos I made.  Both of them are as incompetent as they are funny, and I have a feeling you’ll like them.  Let’s get to it!

Okay, first up we have a ridiculous song and video called She’s Too Dead which I did waaaaay back in 2001-2002.  I had just acquired a computer, at last, ditched the four track and eight track recording set ups that I’d been using, and was just barely beginning to approach something resembling competence.  Kind of.  I decided to put together a Use Your Illusion-like pair of albums.  One was called Everything is Nice, and the other was called Til (sic) Death Do Us Part.  Yes, I made a spelling mistake in the title.  No, I never got over it.  The idea was to have the former consist of happy songs, and the latter consist of sad songs.  Or something like that.  It didn’t exactly pan out.  Can you hear these albums?  No way!  Why? Because they are terrible!  I said I was approaching competence, but I wasn’t there yet.  However, of the 28 songs that resulted from this project, probably three were okay.  Amongst this number is today’s feature.

She’s Too Dead is a song about Orenthal James Simpson.  That’s right.

Bailey: You ignorant fools. The Juice: Yes! I got away with two murders! Johnnie: Say what? You people actually bought that? Shapiro: I'm going to take a shower.

OJ loomed large in my formative years, and I intend to write at some greater length on this subject soon.  It suffices to say, for now, that the Simpson case was something that I just couldn’t shake.  At the same time I was very interested (and still am, inexplicably) in ghosts.  Don’t worry, I know they don’t exist, but as song writing fodder ghosts are kind of ideal.  So I penned this hot track about OJ, and then I made a video, to the best of my limited ability.

The “video” consists of a bunch of crappy drawings I did in paintbrush or somesuch program, set to music.  Why I opted for portrait orientation I have no idea.  It tells the tale of a young man who enters into a strange relationship with the ghost of Nicole Brown Simpson.  It also portrays numerous happy couples. And it’s ridiculous!

It pains me to post it, since my singing is so awful; it seems like my voice is even higher and wimpier than ever here, it has since improved dramatically.  But! Let no man’s embarrassment stand in the way of entertainment.  Feast your eyes on…

Next up: a similar, possibly more shoddily done video from a few years later…

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