An early music video – Part Two: Now I Feel Watched

Posted on September 11, 2011

Today closes out our two part feature on old music videos.  This time we have a video for the tune Now I Feel Watched from the eponymous EP.  NIFW was the second of my epic 13 EP Singles Project, which started way back in 2004.  For those not in the know, I once sold subscriptions and mail released 13 extended-play singles.  It was pretty awesome, and very popular.

The album from whence comes this little gem

I whipped up this video, which tells the story of a road salt mascot who dies, but returns to haunt the woman he is hopelessly in love with.  I’m very happy with the ending.

I drew this on little pieces of paper on pencil, and then scanned it.  At this point I didn’t know anything about anything, photoshop-wise, so I wound up sort of trying to colour underneath the pencil lines.  No clue.  That’s why it looks so weird, for the record.  Nonetheless I think it basically works.  Feast your wondering eyes!

Note to those in the know: do refrain from commenting on the prophetic nature of this video.

Note to everyone else: I’ll explain very soon.

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