Triumphal Arches – Romance Languages is now available!

Posted on September 17, 2011

As mentioned in a previous entry, my latest album is at last complete.  It’s called Romance Languages and I’m more than a little happy with it.  Actually, let’s just take a moment to dispense with false modesty and humility…  I think it’s great!  I hope you give it a listen, and I hope you like it.  I’ve posted it on Bandcamp, so do go there and check it out!  You can listen to the whole thing for free and even read the lyrics.  You can also buy the album digitally for three bucks.  Three bucks!  That’s nothing.  Then you can share it with whoever you want; I don’t mind a bit.

Here’s me, during the recording process:

I have become tiny. And superimposed.

Earlier this year I released two instrumental albums – electronic and piano compositions respectively – which were a whole lot of fun to do.  And very different, what with the not-the-same-as-usual arrangements and lack of words and all.  I will return to instrumental music in the near future for sure.  In fact, that’s where I started, way long ago, working in DOS in the den on Lincoln Drive.  I think this type of writing influenced this latest collection of pop/rock songs, in that they are longer than usual.  Several are in four and five minute territory, which is somewhat atypical for me.  They also feature slightly more musical interludes than usual.  Maybe.

Most of the tunes on this one are love songs, more or less.  A nice, uplifting departure from the previous entries of horrible monsters and general bad vibes, from Night Terrors and Trees I’d Known My Whole Life, You Couldn’t Recognize Them.  I tried not to taint them with too much ironic sulphuric acid.  Here’s hoping.

By and large I’d say that these numbers are pretty upbeat and danceable, or as danceable as I get, and with a pretty well-struck balance between synthesizers and other instruments.  I’m probably happiest with It’s Not A Neurological Thing, I Checked and Vicki Keith.

The former is a sprawling dance sensation with metal guitars.  I couldn’t stop chuckling to myself at the fact of the titular phrase being in a song, let alone actually working.

The latter was an interesting melding of my recent instrumental work.  It’s sampled pianos, strings, and horns.  It’s not really about Vicki Keith in any literal way, but still, it works.  Vicki Keith was a famous swimmer when I was a lad.  She swam the Great Lakes.  She did it butterfly, which is incomprehensible.  She was something.  I hope she hears this song.

I used the usual wide array of instruments this go round, including electric piano, fake pianos, guitars, synths, bass, acoustic guitar, and even fake brass!  Whoa!  Here is a small gallery of closeups from my studio.

Rhodes electric piano. It needs some love, but it's good. Real good.

My lovely amp. A Carr Vincent.

Yes, it's an 808

Maker of sweet riffs.

The best piece of musical equipment ever made, and its little buddy

Romance Languages.  Hope you enjoy it!  If you’ve any questions or comments, go for it.

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