2011 Year in Pictures Trivia

Posted on December 30, 2011

Hey folks!  As 2011 draws to an end here are some visual trivia questions I cooked up.  The answers are posted below.  Good luck!  Click on the first picture and you can arrow through them easily.  If you enjoy it please forward to your friends.



1. The last space shuttle flight

2. V for Vendetta

3. North Korea

4. Obama, Biden, and Clinton watching Osama get taken down

5. The Royal Wedding

6. Arnold’s bastard son

7. A tornado

8. Japan

9. Muammar Gaddafi

10. The end of the world

11. September 11th (10 year anniversary)

12. Amy Winehouse

13. Becky Black

14. He is the man who set himself on fire in Tunisia, instigating the Arab Spring

15. Planking

16. This moose got drunk on fermented apples and wound up in a tree

17. Norway

18. Cheering Osama’s demise

19. The helicopter the US lost on the Osama raid

20. Tahir Square, Cairo

21. Water polo

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