Parson Brown, please go to rehab

Posted on January 4, 2012

Ottawa’s much maligned Dundonald Park is actually pretty nice.  However, being located as it is across from the Beer Store* it is often populated with folks who are perhaps a little over lubricated (and most people don’t even know what it’s actually called, since everyone just calls it the Beer Store Park, or the sketchy park by the Beer Store).  It is not uncommon to find drunken louts staggering through the park, scattering elderly tai chi-ers like cockroaches.  Well apparently even the snowmen in Dundonald are passed out blotto.

Dundonald Park gets a little rowdy

Whoever did this: nice job!  Want credit for your work?  Comment below!  Have a good Dundonald story?  Comment below!

*for our non-Ontario readers: yes, it’s true, there is a store called the Beer Store, which only sells beer, and is the only store (more or less) allowed to sell beer.  Only in Ontario could there be a booze-controlled duopoloy** on booze, to theoretically protect us from ourselves, and lower prices, and competition.  Thank goodness.

**for our Ontario readers: yes it’s true, the Beer Store is not operated by the government, like so many people mistakenly think it is.  Rather, it is owned by Labbatt and Molson-Coors (49% each), with the remaining 2% owned by Sleeman.  The proper name of the joint is Brewers Retail.  It constitutes a nice tidy duopoly for the controlling interests, who get to charge other brewers fees to have their products sold.  Slick!