Another profoundly weird automotive custom paint job

Posted on February 27, 2012

The other day I was wandering home from having scored a ruthless rally race scavenger hunt of my own design.  I lead an exciting life.  I will post more about this little event later, and you will have an opportunity to try it your very self.  But on my way home I noticed one of my favourite phenomena in the wild:  stupid/weird/inexplicable car paint jobs!  This time it was a large pickup parked outside a place on Preston, a place which looks to be hosting some kind of high school prom every single night of the year.  So here it is:

First the weirdly geometric super man, sporting a laser visor and brandishing a sword, obviously, speeding off toward... what?

Laser swordsman is obviously motivated by this stirring slogan! What the hell?

Right. The cookie mobile? What?

None of these elements make any sense on their own, but taken together they’re even worse!  Let’s recap…  first we have the absolutely horribly designed flying swordsman, who kind of looks like a really crappy drawing of the Denver Broncos helmet logo.  Sort of.  Then we have the slogan that I guess is meant to “explain” everything, but it’s written really small, under the Ford logo, such that you almost don’t see it.  And then there’s the license plate…  the truck isn’t a cookie truck.  It’s not a Mr. Christie fleet vehicle.  There are no other markings on it.  As far as I can tell some over tanned dude who is totally motivated to get out there and kick some ASS (it’s 100% certain the driver of this car works in sales) wanted to preach his gospel to the world.  His girlfriend, who has a weakness for cookies n’ cream iced cream then came up with the cute plate.  Maybe she got it for him for his birthday.  Whatever the exact story behind it all, it’s awesome.

Nice job, cookie man.  Now find that wizardmobile and get that guy some chicks.

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