Empty Swimming Pool You Will Never Defeat Me

Posted on March 26, 2012

Well folks… it’s done!  My new album is complete at last.  I guess going six months between full length records isn’t so slow, but damn it feels like it to me.  Nonetheless, mission accomplished.  Listen to it for free on my bandcamp site.  Go there.  Listen for free.  Buy it and download it for five bucks.  You can’t beat that deal.  And if you do like it, please tell someone about it.  Tweet it.  Facelike it.  Send a postcard.  Whatever you feel like.  Just know that I abhor promotion to the max, and so depend on your grace and generosity to ensure that more than three people hear this stuff.  Go get ’em!

Here’s our hero, satisfied with a  job well done:

Wearing a coat indoors because my studio is damned cold. And I like it that way.

It’s called Empty Swimming Pool You Will Never Defeat Me.  And I’m really happy with it.  As noted before, the cover looks like this:

It clocks in at 43 minutes and covers the usual broad spectrum.  Spacey synth pop.  Guitars and yelling.  Rap.  And!  A couple of long electronic arpeggio pieces.  This is certainly not genre-bound music.

The stand out songs, in my opinion, are Helen Keller and Island.  Helen Keller is a minimalist arpeggiated jam, with some spare singing and no drums.  I wanted to meld my pop and electronic music, and I think I succeeded.  Island is a very simple guitars and singing song, about the north woods.  Nothing fancy, but it turned out pretty.

I’m also rather happy with the lyrics this go round.  Some of them are damned hilarious, if you’re paying attention.  You can read them on the bandcamp page, if you like.

The cover image is a found photograph that I picked up at a craft sale (thanks Victoire!).  I knew I wanted to use it for an album cover at some point, and so put it in a drawer and ruminated on it from time to time.  Then the title hit me from out of the blue and that was that.  I couldn’t help but go with that idea, I don’t know why, really…

This time around I will be putting together a very limited CD release, so if you want one get in touch.  They’ll be $10, postage included.  That’s a good deal!

I’ve already given a little history on the tune Jazz Standards in this space, and I think I might write a couple more articles about some of the songs in the next few days.  There are a few interesting points to be made.

Fellow recordists: if you have questions about how I did it, ask!  I am happy to share my meagre knowledge.

And that is that!  Tell your friends.

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