Minor observations from Smiths Falls Ontario

Posted on March 26, 2012

Smiths Falls (late home of chocolate and a great logo on their arena called “the bears’ den” / now famous for a new soulless arena and being Perth’s ugly sister) is home to the famous Smiths Falls Sunday Flea Market.  Maybe you’ve seen the sign for it, if you’ve taken Roger Stevens Drive westbound from the 416.  I think there’s only one sign for it anywhere.  I like this flea market, but in truth it’s a dump.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t great scores to be had, oh no, but the ratio of good to crap is extremely skewed.  I was there recently and saw some lovely decorative plates on display.  I hate decorative plates.  Everyone should hate decorative plates.  They’re just awful, and cheesy, and really should not be.  However, this particular collection featured one of the best decorative plates ever made.  Check it out!

Ah, the traditional visit from the Christmas serial killers, er, clowns

This plate commemorates the time that Slipknot visited the Smiths Falls Retirement Prison, gave out presents, and threatened to murder the inmates if they didn’t stay quiet about the liberties taken by the staff.  Ah, Christmas.  Nice art, eh?

Also featured from this trip, the true story of a man whose middle name is Beep.  What?  Also I just noticed that my main man, Mr. G. Beep Dalgleish seems to have just pinned his card on top of another realtor’s ad.  Slick.  Beep!

R2D2's realtor of choice

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