First Aid – do you know what to do? Part 2

Posted on April 22, 2012

Remember yesterday?  I gave you your first look at some great first aid tips from the American Red Cross circa 1937.  Go read about it.  Today we’ll pick up that same thread with a few more life saving tips on how to carry injured people and how to molest them while pretending to resuscitate them.  First off, here’s the first aid kit that I bought:

The latest addition to my themeless museum of a home

Most of you faithful readers have probably been trained at some point in some variation of artificial resuscitation, right?  Chest compressions.  Count.  Breathe.  Don’t breathe.  More compressions.  You know the idea.  Well, it seems that in the 30s they liked to resuscitate, uh, there’s no delicate way to put this, doggy style?

First you caress your victim, er, the victim.

Then you mount him, making sure not to revive him too quickly

Then pull away if he starts breathing again, or if bystanders happen by

If you have time, put his jacket back on so he won't suspect you of any impropriety

The Red Cross of this era did have some more traditional, missionary style life saving techniques, though.  Mostly favoured by “firemen” (a popular euphemism of the time).

This is where the expression "going in drag" originates

Another option, if you have your man on his back, is this classic move, listed here as “applying pressure in the groin”.  Hmm.

"Oh please don't let that be the sound of sirens! Not yet!"

It is true that most of these positions are intended for the fellows, but ladies, don’t worry.  You haven’t been left out of the fun.  The Red Cross has taken care to include valuable instructions for your “problems” and luckily there’s nothing that a good slap can’t fix.  Check it out:

So don't rip open her crazy eyes? Check. Have ammonia handy? Check. The entire episode is contrived and designed to get attention? Oh those ladies... so dramatic! Now I'm ready!

That one is probably my favourite tip.  “The person always falls on some soft spot” haha, my main man Harold F. Enlows has got your number!

But what if you have a problem with a fellow you have to move, and the fireman’s drag just won’t do?  Here are some other methods:

Look at this beefcake, showing off.

Note: this method is much more effective with the use of coolies, but your friends will do in a pinch

I like that they got method actors for this project, who actually got so drunk they couldn't walk to make the photos more authentic

Such awesome advice:  “the practice of jack-knifing a seriously injured person into the back seat of a passenger car without regard to injuries and driving at breakneck speed to the hospital can not be too strongly condemned.”.  Damnit!  I read this as “not too strongly commended” and got excited about their devil-may-care spirit.  No such luck – it seems like at least on this issue the manual is spouting reasonable advice.  Boo.

And last we have one that just looks damned weird.

Mess with this cat and somebody is going to get stabbed. For sure.

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