R.I.P. Rodney, oh and hi Ben!

Posted on June 17, 2012

The internet is aflame with reports of Rodney King’s death tonight, he of the infamous beating which ultimately led to the LA riots and maybe even OJ Simpson getting away with murder.  He certainly led a tumultuous life.  His passing, though, reminded me of something sort of funny about him and one other man, Ben Johnson.  These two fellows, who have pretty much absolutely nothing in common, do share one funny characteristic.  That is: they both had rather strange media handles that stayed with them for the rest of their lives.  Rodney King is more often than not referred to in stories as “black motorist Rodney King” which I just love!  It’s as though “black motorist” is some kind of profession or something, as if anyone alive would distinguish someone that way.  Ben Johnson got himself a similar handle, as he will forever more be referred to as “disgraced sprinter Ben Johnson”.  It’s part of his identity. Can you think of any other people who wound up with funny handles in the papers?  If so, comment!

From average joe to BLACK MOTORIST

He really did cheetah. All the time.

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