Crazy Car Paintjobs Bonanza – Part 1

Posted on September 22, 2012

This week, after a disgraceful hiatus, I bring you a special series on strange car paint jobs I’ve encountered recently.  You recall the fantasymobile, the white tiger, and the take the cookie truck, well I’ve found a couple more for your enjoyment, and discovered that cataloguing every crazy car on the road is my hobby.  Spotted in Hull, we have:

So this little gem features a random collection of Warner Brothers and Disney cartoon characters, rendered… reasonably well, by hand, and now falling apart completely.  It’s nice!  Weirder, though, is the URL on the bumper.  I went there and it’s some local graphic designer / artist, but (unless it’s my browser screwing up) you can’t actually click on the buttons to view his work or anything, so I have no idea if this is representative of his work or not.  Either way, this ride is pretty sweet.

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