Another wacky car

Posted on October 28, 2012

My lucky streak just won’t quit!  The other day I left my office and stumbled upon yet another weird car, just sitting right there.  Here it is:

Skateboard permanently affixed to roof rack. Good call.

The best bit here being the sticker which says “I (heart) boobies!”.  Seriously, man, how can you roll up to your parents’ house in such a car? Note that the roof rack is covered with something… What is it?


Wood veneer!  I have to say… I LOVE this!  I have long thought that if I ever owned a car I would rig it up with some wood veneer somewhere.  This is very well executed, and in fact I wish there was even more.  I very much like how they took the time to scramble the Tercel word mark too.  Excellent work.  I was so impressed with this craftsmanship that I doubled back to see if I’d missed anything.  And?

Hard to see, but it’s a bizarrely modified stick shift.

I know it’s hard to see, but what they’ve done is replaced the stick shift with a foot and a half long, thin blue pipe, with a pink golf ball on top of it.

What?  This car makes pretty much zero sense.

If you come upon a bizarrocar in your travels please take pictures and send them in.  This blog is fast becoming the internet’s number one resource for strange cars.

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