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Hi!  How are you?  My name is Jeremy Latta, and I hail from the limestone paradise of Kingston Ontario, though I have long lived in Ottawa, searching for fame and fortune and maple syrup and all that.  This blog of mine is admittedly a little, shall we say scatterbrained, being as it is a collection of the various things that I’m up to.  I’m up to a lot of things.  You will here find collected a whole bunch of stuff to do with music, art, videos, stories, and other things I’ve made, in addition to various curious happenings about town that I find amusing.  My only hope is that what you find here is interesting, so poke around a bit; I’m sure you’ll dig up something at least a little funny.

I used to record under the name The Constellations, until certain legal troubles befell me…  Now I record under the name Triumphal Arches and sometimes my very own name.  I am also a member of Ottawa’s Touching Earth Made Of Steel, a band which comes out of the woodwork every now and again with a surprising concept album, and then disappears completely.  And!  I do mercenary music work.  Need a custom ringtone?  Want a song for some special occasion?  Drop me a line and I’ll do it, and I’ll do it real cheap.  I have made custom songs and ringtones for pies, scones, and carrot cake.  For real!  And high quality stuff here, let me tell you, not tossed-off junk.

I rarely play live.  But sometimes I do.  My own rock music is rather difficult to pull off, since it’s just me.  That said, if you wish to attempt to coax me onto a stage have at thee.  I will happily put on a one man electro dance set at any time.

I have a very weird recording studio.  If you have a unique recording project or would like some counsel on how to do things completely wrong, get in touch and we can discuss.  I’m interested in recording other musicians, given the right circumstances.  If you like how my stuff sounds then perhaps…

I design all of my album covers.  Sometimes I design other things too.  If you want some design work done and you like the things I make, I’ll do it.  If you want some tips from someone who knows very little, I’m your man.

I will cover any worthy event.  Got something interesting going on?  Need a strange account of it recorded for the ages?  You know who to call.

So that’s me.  And how about you?  Whoever you are, thank you very much for visiting!  Do leave a comment on an article if you’re so inclined, it’s nice to hear from the folks who come through here.

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