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A trip to the PGA Championship

January 24, 2014


The PGA Championship Pretty much any top-level sporting event is an enjoyable spectating experience, regardless of what it is and whether or not you have any interest in it. Every four years we go crazy over exciting sports like beach volleyball in one’s underwear, horses jumping over poles, and boxing with funny head gear on […]

Heart Of Darkness In The Near North

June 23, 2012


My friend Martinez is the sort of guy who well understands the notion of doing something simply to do it and going somewhere simply because it can be done.  A little while ago, inspired by his purchase of a Jeep Liberty, he put to me an idea.  “Want to drive to James Bay?”.  There was […]

Chess makes me destroy a little girl

January 3, 2012


Chess is easily the best game ever devised by man.  Why?  The rules are incredibly simple – you can teach any child to play in an afternoon – but the game is so strategically and tactically rich that you can never master it, and you will never ever be bored by it.  It’s a game […]

On Lining Up In A Parking Lot In Order To Sit At Home Alone

November 11, 2011


Call of Duty is probably the most popular video game there is.  Chances are very high indeed that, even if you have no idea what it is, you’ve at least heard the name.  The basic facts are these:  Call of Duty is a video game series which puts players in various battlefield scenarios (WWII, the […]