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God bless America, quick! My trip to a gun show – PART I

April 26, 2011


I have just recently returned from a trip into the belly of the beast…  Florida!  I visited my parents at their luxury estate outside of Tampa and I have much to report.  First let’s get in the mood, shall we? The above photo was taken at Reagan International, in DC.  The flight into said airport […]

God bless America, quick! My trip to a gun show – PART II

April 26, 2011


[it appears WordPress is no fan of verbosity, so I’ve had to split this article into two parts.  read Part I first] The next shirt I picked up has absolutely no interesting historical worth or lore.  It’s just bad ass to the hilt. And… Yes!  Now that’s what I’m talking about.  I’m going to wear […]

Insecurity on wheels

April 26, 2011


This blog has many sources and tipsters out there, roving around scouring the city for entertaining things.  Here is a very nice find, a completely ridiculous license plate courtesy of our favourite guy:  insecure, aggressive, corvette owner.  Behold: Suppose you are a woman, and this loser pics you up for a date…  what exactly are […]

Dr. Seuss perverted by industry

April 16, 2011


Recently I visited a bank to see about obtaining a *gulp* mortgage.  I assumed that the process would be extremely unseemly and greasy, but in truth it was anything but.  Lucky me.  I inquired as to whether the mortgage broker ever dealt with mobsters or other types of criminals, or things like this.  To no […]