pga2013champround4FULLTOURNEYREC-2564235-2564251-640x360 January 24, 2014
Skateboard permanently affixed to roof rack.  Good call. October 28, 2012
Skull chained to front grill... September 29, 2012
Huh? September 28, 2012
IMG_2698 September 22, 2012
IMG_2606 September 2, 2012

More crazy auto paint jobs! The White Tiger

August 17, 2012



As regular readers should damn well know by now, I love weird automotive paint jobs.  The other day I was cruising through town when I stumbled upon maybe the best one I’ve ever seen AND ran into my absolute favourite local character, maybe of all time.  That man?  Bert, of Bert’s Bike Repair fame.  An […]

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