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An Algonquin Park Postcard

August 25, 2011


Here’s another something from the archives.  As a promo for Touching Earth Made of Steel’s amazing The Carl Wilson Lake Mystery – which is a full-length concept album about a couple who disappeared in Algonquin Park in the the 70s – I made some promotional material.  The highlight is this postcard, which I think the […]

Old visual art

August 9, 2011

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Over a year ago the legendary Ottawa band Touching Earth Made of Steel played their first and only live show at Raw Sugar.  Mea culpa:  I’m in the band, so my telling you that it was the best show of the year should be deemed only slightly suspect.  Either way, I made a poster for […]

You didn’t know how much improving your life needed, but now you do, and we can help

August 7, 2011


Catalogue-based businesses are going the way of blacksmiths, and answering services, and stock brokers.  That is to say:  rushing headlong toward extinction.  The current generation of children will marvel at the idea of murdering thousands of trees to create disposable booklets of crap for sale that you can’t ever see, or touch, or try on. […]

The Joys of Heckling or Being a Jackass in Public and Getting Away With It

August 6, 2011


I played baseball as a child for years.  Well, not baseball, actually, softball.  They’re different in many important respects (the good athletes play baseball, the slouches play softball) but identical in one important way:  they are both hopelessly boring to watch and play, unless you are the pitcher or the batter.  Baseball’s popularity is almost […]